Here are all the covers offered by HOMEBREW.AMSTRADTODAY listed in alphabetical order or by serial number in the collection. In each ZIP file, you'll find a cover, a leaflet and a disc label. All elements to print and mount with precision for insertion into a 3" standard housing.

This page gives you all the informations to print and edit the elements in the best conditions with a step-by-step that includes the print dimensions, types of paper to use, etc. Enjoy!

Serial Number

001 - Ishido
002 - Area 51
003 - ZBlast SD
004 - Molecularr I & II
005 - Justin
006 - Logical Head
007 - Evil Donjon
008 - Columns
009 - Phantomas Saga: Infinity
010 - Groops!
011 - Blue Angel 69
012 - Nanako in Classic Japanese...
013 - Robotron: 6128
014 - Bubble Bobble 4 CPC
015 - Pac-Man Arcade Emulator
016 - Mariano The Dragon
017 - Sudoku Master
018 - Nanako Descends to Hell
019 - Balldozer
020 - Star Sabre (Enhanced)
021 - Tetris 95
022 - Phantomas Tales#1: Marsport
023 - Le Crime Du Parking
024 - H.E.R.O.
025 - Amnesia
026 - Balloonacy!
027 - Sir Ababol
028 - Dead On Time
029 - Mines Incas
030 - Stranded
031 - Edge Grinder
032 - Hora Bruja
033 - Le Mur De Berlin Va Sauter
034 - Crystal Mission
035 - RC Quest
036 - BeTiled!
037 - Superpix
038 - Lala The Magical Prologue
039 - Lights Out
040 - Aqua
041 - Axys The Last Battle
042 - Frestris
043 - Cheril of the Bosque
044 - Color Lines
045 - Sub Hunter
046 - L'Île Oubliée
047 - Uwol 2 Quest For Money
048 - Small Games For Smart Minds
049 - Iron Sphere
050 - R • Type
051 - Citadelle
052 - Invasion of the Zombie Monsters
053 - Su-Do'Ku
054 - Totems - Columns CPC Two
055 - Relentless
056 - Platformer Medley First Block
057 - Arquimedes XXI
058 - Tetrix
059 - Balls
060 - iLogicAll
061 - Maziacs
062 - Teodoro No Sabe Volar
063 - Magical Drop
064 - Crazy Snake
065 - Les Griffes De La Nuit
066 - Gates To Hell
067 - Subtera Puzlo
068 - Ant Attack
069 - The Master Of Space!
070 - Altair
071 - Démineur
072 - Imaginario Colectivo
073 - Overkoban
074 - Jet Pac
075 - Star Driver
076 - 4 To 4 Back To The Future
077 - La Guerra De Gamber
078 - Dead By Dawn
079 - Virusdog
080 - L'Affaire Ravenhood
081 - Cyber-Chicken
082 - Jump Mania
083 - Space Moves
084 - Megablasters - Escape From...
085 - The Return Of Traxtor
086 - Phantis Legacy
087 - The Shadows Of Sergoth
088 - Xalk Deluxe Edition

C01 - Black System Anthology Vol.1
C02 - Black System Anthology Vol.2

S1x - Black Land
S2x - Fres Fighter II Turbo

4 To 4 Back To The Future
Ant Attack
Area 51
Arquimedes XXI
Axys The Last Battle
Black Land
Black System Anthology Vol.1
Black System Anthology Vol.2
Blue Angel 69
Bubble Bobble 4 CPC
Cheril of the Bosque
Color Lines
Crazy Snake
Crystal Mission
Dead By Dawn
Dead On Time
Edge Grinder
Evil Donjon
Fres Fighter II Turbo
Gates To Hell
Hora Bruja
Imaginario Colectivo
Invasion of the Zombie Monsters
Iron Sphere
Jet Pac
Jump Mania
L'Affaire Ravenhood
L'Île Oubliée
La Guerra De Gamber
Lala The Magical Prologue
Le Crime Du Parking
Les Griffes De La Nuit
Le Mur De Berlin Va Sauter
Lights Out
Logical Head
Magical Drop
Mariano The Dragon
Megablasters - Escape From...
Mines Incas
Molecularr I & II
Nanako Descends to Hell
Nanako in Classic Japanese...
Pac-Man Arcade Emulator
Phantis Legacy
Phantomas Saga: Infinity
Phantomas Tales#1: Marsport
Platformer Medley First Block
R • Type
RC Quest
Robotron: 6128
Sir Ababol
Small Games For Smart Minds
Space Moves
Star Driver
Star Sabre (Enhanced)
Sub Hunter
Subtera Puzlo
Sudoku Master
Teodoro No Sabe Volar
Tetris 95
The Master Of Space!
The Return Of Traxtor
The Shadows Of Sergoth
Totems - Columns CPC Two
Uwol 2 Quest For Money
Xalk Deluxe Edition
ZBlast SD


The archive of each game cover contains the following PDF files:

- The main visual (cover)
- The instruction manual using the same size to print on the back (Inlay)
- The sticker for the floppy disk.

All elements were created to be printed on A4 size paper - 215x297 mm.

Choose the paper

You can choose to print on standard 80 g/m² paper. But if you have in your hands a box of official CF-2 AMSoft floppy disks, the sheet inside shows that you can use a thicker paper without any problem. I would still tend to advise you against exceeding 220 g/m², an already substantial thickness.

Then comes the choice of paper texture. A "glossy" paper offers an impressive and very professional rendering. But beware, because the more it is glossy, the more it may break like glass when folded. Obviously the quality of paper is important. You can also opt for a matte finish that will avoid this risk. In addition, a matte paper is less reflective and less sensitive to scratches or fingerprints.

To print the instructions on the back of your cover, do not forget to make sure that the paper has no watermark on the back. Users of laser printers must also verify that the paper is printable on both sides. Inlay do not contains any edge to avoid problems if your printer impact a slight offset from the printing on the front.

To print your floppy disk labels, the easiest way is to use adhesive A4 sheets. You can simply print the label file of each game on a leaf.

Special paper for 3" and 3"½ floppy disks

You can also search for paper sheets specifically designed for floppy disks. Luck or magic of standardization, 3" and 3"½ disks share the same label dimensions.

However, nowadays, floppy disks have disappeared from stores. It is not so easy to dig up reams of disk label paper. Here are some references to help you in your search: World Label WL-225 and Avery 5196 for U.S. letter size sheets, Avery-Zweckform L4741REV for A4 sheets. There are certainly others.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to use floppy disk label paper. I could certainly prepare files suitable if you provide me the correct template.

Print parameters

Simply display the desired file and start printing. The PDF format ensures you have the original aspect ratio and size so that your covers fit neatly into boxes. In terms of print quality visuals (covers), refer to your printer user manual to select the right settings.

I advise you to first print the instructions (Inlay) in order not to multiply the passages of paper in your printer once the visual printed. This will prevent the print rollers from scratch a photo-quality printing.

To print your paper on the other side, simply return the sheet after the first printing done and insert it back into the paper tray of your printer, making sure to observe the direction of insertion so that the instructions and visual are positioned in the same reading direction.

NOTES: If your paper is not prepared for printing recto/verso, use a "standard" setting to print on back. In terms of quality, print quality "superior/fine" can give better results, but you risk a unsightly "blotter" effect. Depending on your paper, also use a "standard" print quality. Users of laser printers, you do not risk this problem. Be careful though because you may simply can not print on the back of a paper if it is not prepared for this purpose.

To print floppy disk labels, you can use a "standard" quality print parameter since they are only composed of text. "Superior/fine" print quality may, however, allow you to enjoy greater finesse in printing characters.

Cutting and assembling elements

You must have in your hands two sheets: one on which is printed the cover with the instructions overleaf and the second, adhesive, with the label.

To cut these two elements, nothing like a good old iron measure and a cutter or a very sharp scalpel. The covers are without cut lines but this should not be a problem for you to make an accurate cut due to the small size of the elements and the lack of use of white on the background of visuals so that the edges always emerge distinctly.

To cut the label, make sure of a slight margin within the printing frame so that it is no longer visible once you finished.

Folding the cover should be safely if your paper is not too thick. For covers with a visual using a black background that merges with that of the edge, I advise you to simply mark the location of the folding on top and bottom of the cover and fold your paper before cutting. The width of the slot is 5 mm.

To apply the label on the floppy disk, just block it in the upper left or right corner of the space provided for this purpose on one side of your 3" disk leaving a slight margin at the top and on the side (one or two millimeters). Apply it then over the entire surface flipping it for perfect centering.

The use of AMSoft floppy disks adds to the illusion of original games. If you can afford this luxury, do not hesitate. Guaranteed results!

Finally, just slide the cover and the disk in the box to give your favorite homebrew a typically AMSTRAD CPC crystal-box.