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He landed on CPC with 30 years of delay but this is not a reason to sulk an effective idea. Will you succeed in leaving the maze with the treasure?
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New game added :

Back to a homebrew that had not been created yesterday. JUMP MANIA is a nice puzzle-game in which you have to remove all tiles from each level. Nothing very original, but highlight a so old indie game is always fascinating. A title to discover if only for curiosity! See you next week.



Video game developed by enthusiasts with their own, usually for obsolete machines and whose restrictions motivate interest.

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Idea, design, writing and editing :

HOMEBREW.AT regularly offers new tests or reports dedicated to indie video games on Amstrad CPC. CPC scene is very active and many games are released each year. HOMEBREW.AT try them for you and draws substantial marrow in few lines! But far from simply follow the news, we return on games published in the past, whether recognized or remained in the shadows. Because a homebrew title is can be a recent game or just a good program published in a magazine.

For each test, HOMEBREW.AT offers a standardized and numbered cover that you can print and slip into a 3" disc box to protect your favorite games. A way to pay tribute to this profusion living on Amstrad CPC and to those enthusiasts who feed the legend!