Taking a relatively simple game concept based on pieces named "sliders" to replace on specific locations in a closed playing area, 4 TO 4 succeed to surprise with its completely crazy story. Master Yoda offers to Marty McFly a date with Wonder Woman if he manages to master fifty puzzles under the watchful eye of C-3PO.

The game is technically minimalist but graphics are nice and some musics are present during play. Unfortunately they are a little bit repetitive. A save option (that's too rare on CPC) allows you to record your progress. The gameplay, simple, is to move each slider to its target knowing that launched slider only stops when it encounters an obstacle. The difficulty, although erratic, is far from insurmountable. We take pleasure to discover each of the puzzles proposed taking the necessary time to resolve them. The presence of a construction kit is also a strentgh, even if we regret that the personal levels file overwrites the file containing the original ones. Kukulcan offers once again a simple but effective challenge.

Code : Kukulcan
GFX : Kukulcan & Ced
Music & SFX : Tom&Jerry
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by UNKNOWN