Tom&Jerry, well known on CPC scene for his musical creations that delight our ears in many homebrew games, proposes an adaptation of the classic puzzle-game SOKOBAN designed for the 16KBs ROM Game Development Competition.

Originally planned on Philips VG-5000, a computer that is dear to the heart of Tom & Jerry, it's finally on CPC that OVERKOBAN born. We find the spirit of the original game in which a character have to push boxes onto predefined locations without being able to draw them. Push these cases through the apparent chaos of the levels without blocking them quickly become a delightful puzzle. The game features the fifty original levels with nice overscan graphics and really successful musics. The character lack of animations in his movements but remains pleasant to move. You can choose the starting level and even save your position in memory to go back if you are in a deadlock. All this in 16KB, a fabulous performance for an always exciting classic game.

Developer : Futility Games
Code & music : Tom&Jerry
GFX : Supersly
Additional GFX : Eldrik
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by IRIS

This is like a childhood dream that come true. But at first, we have to go back a "few" years ago. While the CPC is at its apogee, clones of the young game Pac-Man flower. But honestly it is far from equaling the sensations of the fabulous game created from the mind of Toru Iwatani, offering a brilliant concept with mechanics far more complex than it seems.

Marty, we're back in this good old 2012! But Great Scott, from what toilet bowl they slipped to imagine offer to the CPC its first emulator? Because it is really a fullspeed arcade emulation! Offering smooth animation and nice graphics near the original ones in mode 1 (4 colors) to bring to perfection the experience, everything or almost is here. There is no impact on the game but collected fruits are not displayed on the screen. No other aspect is missing like the eyes of the ghosts that indicate the direction they will take at the next intersection and a special menu permits you to completely configure the game. Pac-Man, the one and only in your CPC! Ultimate!

Original game: Namco
Interpretation code : SyX
Graphic conversion : TotO
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by NAMCO

The planet Phantis is besieged and it is Lorna, the heroine of the 80s with strong mammary arguments, who comes to put an end to the invasion. The tribute to PHANTIS, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2017, is obvious and it is with great affection that we come back to Lorna's universe.

Once again CPCPower.com created a puzzle-game and the relationship with Lorna unfortunately stops to the title screens. As a result, we were expecting to kill tons of monsters and we end up driving a small ship by marking a path to reach a flag in levels of increasing difficulty with just a repetitive music and no sound effects. Fortunately, the graphics in 16 colors are nice and easy to read, the use of the second button on the controller offers perfect playability and we are quickly caught in the game. We can just regret the absence of a time limit that would have added a little more dynamism. We can finish the 20 levels in the order of our choice and the possibility of replaying them in a random orientation also offers a good replayability factor. A title in the middle line of the range and we can only invite the team to show us its skill in another style in a future production!

Code : Kukulcan
GFX : Kukulcan & Ced
Music : Rayxamber
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by ALFONSO AZPIRI HEJIA

Well-known figure on Spectrum, Phantomas the little thief comes on CPC in a high quality game despite a relatively convoluted story. To tell it simply, Phantomas must infiltrate a factory to search ten keys and use them on ten locks to trigger the self-destruction of the building. Finally it will have to escape before the explosion.

So we start exploring a maze to dig up the famous keys and locks while avoiding monsters and robots. With high quality graphics and inspired musics, do not be blinded by the childish atmosphere of Infinity, a difficult game with an uncompromising playability! Each contact with an enemy, each miscalculated jump jeopardizes the game and the movement system with two types of jumps is quite confusing. Fortunately, the difficulty is not insurmountable and with a little practice, we progress rapidly. Keys and locks are redistributed each time you start a new game, an ingenious idea that avoids monotony. An exciting platform game that rewards player's perseverance.

Concept : Na Than Assh Antti
CPC version : ESP Soft

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by FERRAN

Phantomas intercepted a communication which revealed to him the location of a mine operated by a mysterious and legendary race of gold prospectors! Now he is decided to go there with the intention of filling his pockets by getting twenty well-stocked canisters.

The Mojon Twins delivers a new adventure of their favorite hero in a conversion that they personally performed. Unfortunately, It is not as successful as that proposed by ESP Soft. The game is slower and the character seems to be heavier, especially since you can play only using the keyboard. The colorful graphics are nice but sometimes hard to read and the difficulty has been revised upwards! Where INFINITY allowed to study each screen before venturing, MARSPORT push the precipitation. Energy canisters remind that the loss of some life points is not a fatality, but treadmills and acid baths bring the player to death. And that red color on the surface of Mars is a hassle for the eyes! It still takes pleasure to meet again Phantomas but you should start practice with INFINITY before facing MARSPORT!

Developer : The Mojon Twins
CPC version : Anjuel and Na_th_an

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by ANJUEL & NATHAN

Mary is a cashier in a shabby supermarket and she is bored. And when she gets bored, Mary hungry. Mary then plunders vendor machine from its n & n's, unsuspecting that alkaline batteries stocked just next pollued the candies. Mary quickly begins to feel strange to finally switch to a pixelated parallel world. There really were not only too much sugar in the n & n's...

So beyond this raving screenplay, we find a little platform game with a very simple gameplay, quite similar to that of MANIC MINER. So you have to fight your way to the exit to bring Mary in the real world and for that, you have to calculate pixel jumps. The game is still quite easy and it's perfect because if it appears first enjoyable with its cute kawaii graphics, however it would not take too long as it lasts. The music is very boring and as often with the Mojon Twins, the action quickly becomes repetitive. Some level design mistakes can even ruined your game. Although without ambition, the whole is still enjoyable to play.

Developer : The Mojon Twins

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by UNKNOWN