Needless to present the most legendary shmup. Rather dissect this new version which, far from commercial injunctions suffered by the one of 1989, wants to provide on CPC the closest experience to the R-TYPE original arcade game.

A long introduction puts from the beginning in the mood. But what attracts the attention on the main screen that next appears is the presence of an option menu with orgiastic content. And the list of functions is further extended with the "Casual" menu to soften an otherwise traumatic experience! The graphics are gorgeous with many visual effects without slowing down despite the profusion of activity on the screen. The soundtrack, absent from the official CPC version, unconvincing on Spectrum and ST, was adapted with more rigor. Obviously, we may regret the character to character sprite movements rather than a pixel to pixel one. But when you know that it was initially intended to be a simple hack... In the end, this version offers many secrets including two bonus levels! However, having participated in its development, my judgment is certainly obscured by my unconditional love for this game, so I encourage you to form your own opinion.

Code : Carl-Stéphane Berquez
GFX : Richard Gatineau
Music & SFX : Julien Riet
DOWNLOAD : 1 / 2 - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by RICHARD GATINEAU

Nostalgic for the time when you controlled cars using a remote whose the inordinately long antenna lacked cripple your friends? RC QUEST offers just to conduct a radio-controlled car to a finish line. However, you do not directly control the vehicle but rather prepare its way.

Under this original idea lies a proven but still effective concept, even if the stress of having to deal with the endless stream of decerebrates like in LEMMINGS is absent, the game leaving you plenty of time to prepare the game area. However, the level design of this puzzle game is perfectly mastered and this won't simplify your task. The actions to use on the game area are numerous and sometimes you will cogitate long in front of your screen, multiplying unsuccessful attempts to clear all the checkpoints or do not run out of fuel. With its colorful graphics, its interface rather well thought out and even a level editor to create your own puzzles in addition to the 25 proposed, RC QUEST is a very addictive title.

Code, GFX & music : J. Marek
SFX : Fraggle
Add. GFX : Face Hugger
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by JÉRÔME TESSEYRE

Paul Kooistra strikes again with its fabulous engine to give us a shmup even more impressive than EDGE GRINDER. Developed during the 16KBs ROM Game Development Competition, RELENTLESS set the bar very high and it's no surprise that it won the competition against other very respectable games.

While competition limited to 16 kilobytes the size of the games presented, RELENTLESS offered luxurious "neon" graphics both retro and yet very contemporary. Supercharged musics can be heard and a simple but perfect soundscape accompanies you during while playing. The lifetime is unfortunately still being fined but despite this, we take pleasure to play again after having overcome the five sections of the game, if only for the beautiful backgrounds and to face the enemy again. Once again, the magic happens with mastered gameplay, clever patterns of vessels and high difficulty without being overwhelming. A vintage game, but furiously modern. Must!

Code : Axelay
GFX : Rexbeng
Music : Tom&Jerry
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by REXBENG

Created by Eugene Jarvis, father of DEFENDER but also many other games characterized by unbridled violence such as NARC or SMASH TV, ROBOTRON 2084 released in arcade in 1982. You are once again the last hope of humanity, alone to defeat an army of robots created by mankind and determined to destroy their broodstock!

ROBOTRON: 6128 is the adaptation of this title from Midway. Well done, this conversion takes up the so singular handling. Indeed in arcade, a stick is used to control the character, another to shoot in eight directions. And here is the first snag. We would have liked to control the character with a joystick and shoot with the cursor keys, or use two joysticks with a doubler. Alas, we necessarily have to use odious eccentric keys (like WASD). The game also shows the extreme difficulty of the model, further enhanced by the small size of the game era in mode 0. Despite these shortcomings, we find the excitement of the original, served by colorful graphics and a nice and haunting music. A game only for challenge lovers.

Developer : Midway
CPC version : Lachlan Keown
Music : Mr Lou
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by ATARI CORPORATION