Leaving the Storm Palace with pockets full of coins, Uwol is hit by a guard. It is then catapulted to the Electric Gardens, making him stupidly lose his booty. Now he has no other choice but explore the gardens to collect new ones.

UWOL 2 is the sequel of a game adapted on many supports and whose CPC version was in development... never to be released. But it is also an exclusivity concluding a trilogy begun with LALA THE MAGICAL PROLOGUE and SIR ABABOL, three titles sharing the same engine. It offers a bigger game area and a better lifetime. Energy gauge was replaced by life counter and armor system that reminds the MAKAIMURA series. Unfortunately, the wind-broken gameplay penalizes the playability of a game that wants to be a lot more nervous than the previous ones. So, UWOL 2 is a fairly good platform game. But it will always be compared with the original whom you can see a preview that leaked, an enticing version much more ambitious causing heavy frustration.

Développeur : The Mojon Twins
Musique : A.Ruiz, na_th_an
et NoKnob
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by THE MOJON TWINS

You enter the world of the infinitely small to ensure the survival of your faithful doggie, such as the crew of the Proteus in the Fantastic Voyage movie by Richard FLEISHER, with the objective of destroying all the viruses it fell prey.

It is a noble pretext for a puzzle game in which you will have to propel viruses against each other to make them disappear and thus clean each level. One feels that the author is in common ground with graphics once again in mode 1 and a concept of sliding objects that is reminiscent of his previous title 4 TO 4 in which it was necessary to place pallets on targets. And it is a bit of a problem because all this lack of surprise and the cold colours, probably to evoke a clinical atmosphere, still take away a part of fantasy. But the generosity of the content with its fifty levels, several music, a save system, high score table and even an introduction, proves the author's kindness towards the player who will still enjoy discovering this new production presented at the "#CPCRetroDev Game Creation Contest 2016".

Code : Kukulcan
GFX : Kukulcan & Ced
MusiC & SFX : Tom&Jerry
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by UNKNOWN