XALK is a match-3 game created by Antman in 1990 and published as a listing in the French magazine Amstrad Cent-Pour-Cent. In 2017, Antman presented a new version incorporating the original background picture that didn't fit in the magazine columns and several improvements such as the system of diagonals and combos. As Antman issued a standing invitation in a message, I decided to write a soundtrack. Then I asked Kukulcan to integrate it and even design a new graphic skin. The game, originally in French, has been translated into English. With a little help from Tom&Jerry, XALK DELUXE EDITION was born.

Obviously, I feel badly placed to write a review of a game in which I have such an important bias. Without being exceptional, this little puzzle-game remains very nice. I think objectively that the addition of music, new sounds and an interface controlled by joystick complete a title very honorable originally. Far from appropriating the work of Antman, we hope instead to pay tribute to his work. You will find here the version released in 2017 unretouched in addition to this "Deluxe Edition" published in 2019. The best is that you make your own opinion.

Developer : Antman
Additional code : Kukulcan & Tom&Jerry
Music & SFX : iXien
DOWNLOAD : 1 / 2 - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by UNKNOWN