ZBLAST SD is a shmup that invites you to "score" a maximum surviving as long as possible. You must go through 20 waves of enemies more numerous and aggressive requiring an increasing number of shots to be destroyed. There is an air of GALAGA, although your ship can move in all directions. Once all the waves destroyed, you start with enemy ships more difficult to slay.

Developed in 1993 for Linux, ZBLAST was then rewritten for ZX Spectrum during the Minigame Competition 2003. Nicholas Campbell, who also adapted AREA 51 on CPC, offer us this conversion still approximate. ZBLAST SD (for Super Deformed because of its imperfections according to its author) slowed tremendously. Despite this, the game is very fun with its "Speccy" design. What a pity that this conversion has never been optimized to provide the same challenge as the original on Spectrum. The source code is available in the archive if someone wants to take care of it!

Developer : R. Marks
CPC version : N. Campbell

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by RUSSEL MARKS