Homebrew.AT offers you to play on your real CPC. But are you sure it is in perfect condition? Don't you want to play on your new flat screen or prepare the necessary material to copy on 3" floppy disks all these wonders? Amstrad Today will guide you step-by-step to make the most of your favorite computer.

Here is a small selection of websites in different languages that also allow to keep aware of news about homebrew on CPC, real mines full of informations and files to discover past, new and of course future productions.

Amstrad ESP
CEZ Amstrad Zone
A site dedicated to the history and news about Spanish games, nothing but Spanish games... in Spanish! But the productivity of Spanish deserves a little effort.
Another website dedicated to Spanish games, but multi-platform and very active. Moreover, CEZ was an oldschool homebrews editor for several years.

CPC Game Reviews
CPC Rulez
Hundreds of reviews! Nicholas CAMPBELL specializes in flash reviews of all existing games on CPC including homebrew games.
All news about homebrew games, demos and more. It also offers the most popular forum of the French scene. Just unavoidable.

CPC Power
CPC Wiki
The ultimate CPC database. everything you need, you will find it here. In perpetual development, CPC Power is interested in all games and much more.
The Wikipedia of the CPC. CPC Wiki provides a busy forum with all the latest news about games in development.

BZH Games
Another reference website, crossroads of informations about CPC demoscene. You'll find interviews, reports and other exciting articles.
An interesting website which offers to play online and share your scores. It finds its place here to encourage its creator to offer indie games in its list.

Find on their website the most active actors of the CPC homebrew scene but also publishers who offer official box releases for some titles. However it is frequently tape versions but after all the idea is to buy an object and retribute the developers.

Les Sucres en Morceaux
All demos and games ARKOS stamped, and more with games created under other labels by Julien NEVO (Targhan), the main actor of the group.
All the Sylvestre CAMPIN (Supersly) productions who also participated in the development of many games, including the fabulous Orion Prime from Cargo Soft.

Mojon Twins
A website dedicated to the GPA group and presented by its most active member, Hervé MONCHATRE (Tom & Jerry). You will find all his productions.
A Spanish label particularly productive on a lot of retro-computers including Spectrum, C64 and MSX and of course on CPC.

ESP Soft
This other Spanish label is surely one of the most productive homebrew studios and created lot of quality games for CPC.
Bollaware is a pioneer in modern homebrew development and has created several ambitious titles before leaving CPC. This site tells their story.

CNG Soft
C.N. Gonzalez is a Spanish author that created some great games such as the fabulous Bubble Bobble 4 CPC. His website is full of surprises!
A publisher specialized in the distribution of oldschool products for our old computers. However, all productions are CPC tape version only.

CEZ Game Studio
Another publisher specialized in homebrew games on 8-bit computers. You'll find in particular some games of Paul KOOISTRA (Axelay) but tape versions again.
Even if CEZ stopped to publish homebrew games in 2009, you will find many of their titles on their virtual shop, but only tape versions.

An eclectic publisher whom does not just publish indie games but offers quality content for every title published. Have a look.
Rather specialized in publishing games for MSX and Spectrum, their Amstrad CPC catalog offers some quality indie games.

Defecto Digital
This Spanish developer which created the interesting Elf - The Adventure Part 1 sells its productions directly on its website.

A small selection of websites dedicated to retrogaming and especially following the homebrew news, further underlining the importance of creativity of fans in maintaining in life all those machines entered in history!

Oldschool Gaming
Pix'n Love
Many game reviews for many oldschool computers and entertainment systems. A website that closely follows the news with interesting articles, including interviews.
A french publishing house specialized in publishing books on video game culture. Their magazine offers in each issue a lot of news and articles on oldschool homebrews.

A Spanish magazine dedicated to indies on all machines, modern and oldschool. An impressive work to discover and freely downloadable in PDF format.
A former downloadable magazine now following the news of indies from 8 to 128 bits directly online. They created several homebrew games on PC and C64.

Indie Retro News
Certainly the reference website to follow the news of the retrogaming homebrews on all platforms. A crossroads of information!

We clearly advise you to run the games available on Homebrew.AT on a real CPC. But as it is not always simple, here are some emulators that will help you to run CPC games regardless your system. For iOS or Android emulator, just have a look on App Store or Play Store. On Windows, we recommend you Caprice32. Easier than WinAPE for standard use, it also offers a better sound emulation.


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