The diabolical Mr. Gates is about to enslave the world with its new OS, Windows To Hell. You must enter the Microshoft bunker, find a disk to store the virus extracted from a terminal, infect the central host computer and then escape in a limited time. A busy day!

This is one of the first productions of the spanish studio ESP SOFT. It's a nice platform game with good lifetime, thanks to the size of its levels, real mazes in which you have to find objects but also where and how to use them. Too bad there are no sound effects or music to accompany while playing. This would have reduced the frustration caused by a prehistoric playability, really rigid and which often takes the player to default. The graphics are average but varied using the work of four designers nonetheless. Despite a scenario of a distressing childish taking up the old idea of the refusal of the Windows hegemony exceeded the mid-2000s, it is fun to move through the mazes. We can also show here the premises of the excellent PHANTOMAS SAGA: INFINITY. Not the best game from ESP SOFT but a nice surprise.

Développeur : ESP Soft
Code, music & SFX : Artaburu
GFX : Anjuel, Litos, Zilog Z80, DOS
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by ARTABURU

Puzzle-games are not missing on CPC. However, where many homebrew puzzle-games fail, developers making the mistake of believing that it is a simple kind of game to create, Binary Sciences treats us with a mastered block-game offering a delightfully progressive difficulty.

The developers have clearly captured the essence of a good puzzle-game at the service of CPC : fullscreen colorful and varied graphics (it seems that some are extracted from RICK DANGEROUS 2), cheerful musics that recall the heyday of the legendary Taito, easy to master gameplay. With a challenge mode ("classic" and "special" modes are just good for practice) that makes you want to play again and again (a password permits to restart from the last level reached) and the possibility to enjoy the game in four different languages, the experience is complete. The only notable flaw comes from the type of puzzle itself. Just select groups to create chains lacks in interactivity. Still, GROOPS! is very addictive. Try it and love it!

Developer : Binary Sciences
Code : Olivier Floquet
GFX : Arnaud Martin
Music : William Bourgeois
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by ARNAUD MARTIN

Tardily published by Activision, H.E.R.O. did not achieve the expected success. However, it is an essential for any fan of the Atari 2600. Adapted on many entertainment systems and computers but not CPC, what can justify an unofficial conversion 20 years after the release of the original? Certainly not its story that invites you to save miners prisoner in galleries after a crumbling. No, the magic is elsewhere!

In fact, H.E.R.O. is a monster of simplicity and efficiency. With his jetpack, the character can fly. A laser beam allows him to get rid of the monsters. Dynamite in limited quantities permits to blow some walls. Add some deadly water, a few mobile platforms and walls, a touch of darkness and limited time to find the minor in each of the 20 levels looping indefinitely with increasing difficulty. You then get a super addictive cocktail! This CPC conversion is sufficiently successful to recover all the flavor and play this game is a pleasure despite some graphical differences. Who cares! The essential is there. A real success!

Developer : Activision
CPC version : Flynn

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by ACTIVISION

In HORA BRUJA, you play a witch who has spent more than a century trapped in his castle. A new witch has take your powers and wants to reign on the kingdom. Although upset, you decide to go beat the brazen.

HORA BRUJA is a game with an open world whose style and conduct recall the excellent CAULDRON. You must complete several quests that consist in classic collects of items. Level design and simple but nice graphics remember JET SET WILLY and it is fun to wander through the vast map of the game. But it is also a flaw because it will be necessary to go back numerous times in the same places, which is tedious because many passages are very difficult and can put a premature end to an otherwise well started game, rigid gameplay arranging nothing to case. Reserved to hard players, this ESP Soft production is still a good experience thanks to his good lifetime, a sense of freedom quite rare on CPC and a really charming atmosphere.

Developer : ESP Soft
Code, GFX & Music : gg

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by 6128