The principle clearly reminds the one from BUST A MOVE. Balls appear from the top line of the screen and must be assembled at least by three to make them disappear. But instead of throwing other balls with a canon, the player directly captures on the wall and then reinject them to make combos.

Like many other puzzle games, the idea is simple, but its development is much more complex. And the creator of this CPC version should not master all the intricacies of the game from Data East. We find the main concept and the possibility of facing another player. The graphics, however, are less colorful and varied, and it is impossible to face the computer. In addition, while the interest of the multiplayer mode is originally based on the multiplication of lines on the table of the opponent by chaining combos, here additional balls appear at the base of the wall. The excitement quickly turns into frustration. This adaptation is full of goodwill but is rather disappointing. Too bad because MAGICAL DROP is also an arcade classic for all the zzle game lovers.

Developer : Data East
CPC version : Oscar Sanchez

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by GOLGOTH STUDIO

Mariano the pink dragon has to help the Mojon Twins heroes in escaping the Cityland prison planet where they have been emprisoned by the evil Pachin Poi Poi for failing to fulfill the various tasks entrusted to them. So you have to complete each mission to release the five heroes.

This little story is a pretext for a classic platform game but with varied objectives that permits to avoid monotony. A very good idea that launches you on quests such as collect stars, look for objects or capture ghosts. Although not insurmountable, the game quickly turns into marathon as you must settle for a the single gauge of energy throughout the adventure without getting lost in the maze of the Cityland prison. With its so cute graphics and its variety of quests to complete, the game compensates for the lack of music during the game, a rather confusing playability during the first minutes of play and screen to screen jumps sometimes destabilizing. Fun and entertaining, you will have an enjoyable moment playing Mariano The Dragon.

Original game : The Mojon Twins
CPC Version : ESP Soft

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by THE MOJON TWINS

40Crisis love the MAZIACS which he used to play as a child on ZX Spectrum. So to satisfy his dream of playing this 1983 title on CPC, he programmed a complete engine, a Spectrum game interpreter. A real performance!

Of course, MAZIACS is a game from another era, even the CPC capabilities. Fortunately, it is based on this simple and effective design that made the great games of the early 80s. You control a character in a maze. He must get his hands on a treasure and bring it back to the starting point. To find your way, you make use of prisoners who make appear the right route for a few seconds. The labyrinth is infested with monsters to slay with swords which can be used only once and energy decreases with every move, forcing you to recover regularly. Four difficulty levels are available. With a few simple rules, we discover an incredibly effective game that remind us that technical achievement and fun are in no way related. Despite a slight lack of responsiveness of the controls, It takes a lot of fun to play and we thank 40Crisis for offering MAZIACS to CPC community. A real crush !

Original game : Don Priestley
Interpretation code : 40Crisis

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - illustration by DK'TRONICS

When it was published in 1994, MEGABLASTERS offered a particularly rich BOMBERMAN clone, bringing together all the elements to forget the absence of an official conversion of the title from Hudson Soft. Project Argon celebrates the 20th anniversary of the game at the initiative of its graphic designer.

This sequel offers superb graphics but programming and music are not left behind. In regards to the gameplay, it is a true homage as this title really reminds his elder. The challenge may seem difficult, but once you understand a few simple rules, you progress quickly. The "battle" mode is missing but a cooperative mode replaces it skillfully even if one of the players is forced to break his fingers on the keyboard. Other defect, the movements are once again twice as fast in the horizontal as in the vertical, which is sometimes disturbing. Overall, this game remains very good even. Unfortunately, it counts only eight levels but the end of the game opens the possibility of a possible sequel to the manner of an episodic series. We keep our fingers crossed! A big thank you to Rexbeng who designed a superb visual exclusively for Homebrew.AT.

Developper : Project Argon
Code : Axelay
GFX : Rexbeng
Music : McKlain & Tom&Jerry
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by REXBENG

Mines are placed randomly on each level. Your goal? You must Direct a beam from left to right toward the exit. Simple? In theory, yes. But you can not stop the beam which runs automatically diagonally down and you can only print an upward movement. At each level crossed, the number of mines increases ...

Mines Incas, it is a personal favourite. From a concept designed by Astrosmurf in 2007 for the Minigame Compo, this unpretentious game programmed in BASIC is furiously addictive. This is the kind of challenge that we come back from time to time just to see if we can go a little further. The graphics are simple but effective and changing colors are enough to avoid monotony. Obviously, Mines Incas remains a simple game with very little variety, but it offers a rather successful concept presented in a cute skin. Note the presence on the DSK image disk of MINES1K, the original game which is no bigger than a tiny kilobyte.

Original game (Mines1k) : Astrosmurf
Mines Incas : J. Decia & Kukulcan

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by KUKULCAN

Welcome to the world of the infinitely small in a challenge launched by the gods, nothing less. Here's the good excuse to introduce this puzzle game in which you have to reconstruct molecules composed of atoms, pieces to assemble in a predefined order in each level. When you move an atom, you can not modify its trajectory until it hits an obstacle! Simple and effective.

Taking the concept of the game ATOMIX released on Amiga the same year, MOLECULARR is a program published in November 1990 in the magazine Amstrad Cent-For-Cent. The hours spent copying meticulously hundreds of columns of numbers offered to players a quality game with colorful graphics that consists of 17 levels of increasing difficulty. MOLECULARR 2 born a few months later but this time without the honors of a publication, even with its more beautiful graphics. If you enjoy spicy challenges, MOLECULARR 1 and 2 ensures you long nights of reflection.

Developer : Frédéric Poésy
Publisher : Amstrad Cent Pour Cent

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by CIRIUS

For this second adventure on CPC, Nanako descends to Hell in search of four fragments of an old artifact supposed to protect his village. In this action-adventure game, our bikini amateur heroine will have to find her way through a labyrinthine surroundings and progress with the help of objects scattered around.

And what can be said is that Hell is not very dangerous. Indeed, the monsters appear randomly and can be avoided by simply leaving and returning on the map portion to cross. The difficulty lies in identifying places and the wise use of the four objects that Nanako can wear at the same time. Unfortunately, this conversion originally designed for ZX Spectrum seems to be a quickly shipped adaptation. The 4 colors of mode 1 obviously offer duller graphics on CPC. You can only play using the keyboard and when you finish the game, the text revealing the outcome of the adventure is simply missing from this version. Fortunately this does not prevent NANAKO DESCENDS TO HELL to remain fun to play and it will certainly entertain maze-game lovers.

Developer : The Mojon Twins

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - From an idea of CIRIUS

Nanako's little sister left alone to attack the Heun tower yet infested with Karakasa monsters. Obviously, now she's trapped in the highest room. No, but what an idiot! To save her, Nanako will have to climb the 25 floors, each consisting of a room she must reach the top by stacking boxes wisely.

Nanako is a well-known character of Spectrum players. Sexy heroine in bikini, she offers a first stop on CPC that does not disappoint. Graphics in mode 0, nice playability. Even so we can blame it the repetitive background music, a lack of variety in sceneries and a reduced playground. The life counter in spanish in a game in english is also very surprising and the random positioning of the Karakasa in some levels can be frustrating. Pretty easy and quickly completed, the game sometimes shows a not mastered level design. But despite this it takes a lot of pleasure to guide Nanako. The later levels are quite pleasurable, requiring to drop crates rightly while jumping. With its extending title, do not miss this first and very refreshing Nanako's adventure on CPC.

Developer : The Mojon Twins

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by THE MOJON TWINS