Cheril lives in the jungle and she is bored. So she decides to go to the city, full of dreams of fame and fortune. But before leaving, she has to collect enough food. Her diet just consists in giant nuts that she will have to find. Still, this story of a young girl only dressed with suggestive animal furs and in quest of big nuts is a bit sketchy. Anyway...

You can easily understand that The Mojon Twins give here a new opportunity to start another quest for items. But this time their dule engine is used here with an aerial view which reminds NANAKO DESCENDS TO HELL, but with graphics in mode 0. And playability is affected, especially as once again you can only play using keyboard and the slightest touch with an enemy makes you bounce like in a pinball game. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to replenish energy and therefore it is fun to get lost in this green maze, searching for keys to open doors to new screens, discovering more ruins or jungle scenes. A good little and unpretentious game, perhaps the biggest flaw of The Mojon Twins.

Developer : The Mojon Twins

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by THE MOJON TWINS

CAUTION : Adventure game only available in french !

Orphan, you grew up learning the art of weapons to one day become a knight. It's time to test your skill entering the death citadel and bring back 3 relics representing as many quests you must emerge victorious.

Text adventure game originally designed for the venerable Philips VG5000, CITADELLE invites you to solve basic puzzles exploring the site and associating the right actions to the right objects. The lack of illustrations requires you to deal with a brief description of each place visited. Vocabulary is limited and we are often found stuck in solving a puzzle because we do not find the right action verb to use. We must also confront monsters using a primitive fight system based on luck and the random outcome of the battle is frustrating and often fatal. Fortunately, Tom&Jerry added some nice graphics and musics, but also a save system. Some elements of the adventure have been fixed to make the story more logical. you will have to be a fan of this kind of game to persevere.

Developer : Loriciels
CPC version : Tom&Jerry

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by THE MOJON TWINS

Taking the idea of the title track created by Oleg DEMIN on PC in 1992, COLOR LINES is a puzzle game that invites you to assemble blocks to make them all disappear from the screen. But unlike most games of this kind, the game is played by turns and you face the computer that inserts new blocks to move. More simply, your opponent strives to fill the screen you are looking to empty.

And this result in an amazing intensity as for each block moved, the computer up 3 others. you have to play effectively to remove the blocks faster than they appear. If the audio is successful, it is the possibility to choose the skin of the game that surprises, a feature that mobilized the efforts of many people. If the result is quite uneven, this participatory approach should be encouraged. And it is precisely here that lies the only regret. If COLOR LINES still a good puzzle game, what a pity not to have put all this energy into a more ambitious production than a simple pawn game...

Code, music & SFX : Tom&Jerry
GFX : Eldrik & a lot of people!
Add. music : Ultrasyd
DOWNLOAD : 1 / 2 - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by KUKULCAN et LOBO

The SEGA classic finally adapted on CPC. Simple and effective, the idea is still as addictive. Columns of three stones down from the top and you must organize them to make groups of three stones of the same color at the bottom of the game area. More you make combos, more you make points!

Unfortunately, we do not find the complete interest of the original. The absence of the flashing stone that destroy all of the stones of the same color is sorely lacking in critical moments. You can not disable the timer and the obligation to play against the clock greatly affects the strategic aspect of the original concept. Technically, this is not much better with very sleek graphics and the obligation to play on keyboard is really regrettable. Finally, a mixed review, especially because ESP Soft is agree. Indeed, they have released another such game at the end of 2012 whose purpose is to erase flaws of what seems to be their first production. So prefer TOTEMS, a game accurately subtitled "Columns CPC 2"!

Developer : Sega
CPC version : ESP Soft

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by ESP SOFT

SNAKE is an arcade classic game from the 70s and an institution nowadays. But it is also a fond memory for all those who possessed a NOKIA cellular phone in the 90s or 2k years. All these hours swallowing anything that comes until the snake reaches an infernal size and end up biting its own tail!

Since each machine seems to have its own interpretation of this classic, the CPC should not be an exception to the rule and this CRAZY SNAKE successfully managed to combine the simplicity of the idea with a colorful realization. The gameplay is also perfect. It even offers some bonuses that add to the challenge. Musics, extracted from several demos, perfectly punctuate the action. Obstacles and other snakes controlled by the computer avoids monotony. The difficulty is well balanced and the last levels take place at a furious pace that puts reflexes to death. It lacks a survival mode which would have brought to this version the infinite lifetime of the original but overall it is a very entertaining little game.

Developer : Fraggle et Duck
Additional GFX : Face Hugger

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by BORIS VALLEJO

Crystals to collect, monsters galore, and a spacecraft very sensitive to inertia... nothing better to put the skill and reflexes to the test. To play, just know that only collecting all the crystals opens access to the next level. To do that you'll need to clear a path with your multi-directional laser and smartbombs that only delay your opponents.

The four color graphics are rudimentary but in return offer a smooth animation and excellent legibility. Music and a vector-bobs effect welcome the player and remind him that the game was designed by a demomaker. To survive, you have to be clever and use the joystick with dexterity. To score, you have to be quick to take advantage of bonus time. The recognition of the second button to launch smartbombs is really nice as survival often depends on their use at the right time. Watching the ship bouncing on the edge of the playing area and shoot in all directions, you can not help but think about GEOMETRY WARS (proportionately). A pleasant surprise for such an old title programmed in BASIC.

Developer : Andreas Stroďczek

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork by IXIAN FACTORY - Picture by MANCHU

Developed and published in 1999 for promotional purposes for a brand of whiskey, the success met by CRAZY CHICKEN by Marco SOWA constitutes a mystery of which only the pop culture knows the secret. The main idea: shoot all the chickens on the screen. It's stupid and nasty but it's good!

CYBER-CHICKEN should have been the subject of a sheet since a long time but its developers did not seem to be in a hurry to offer it in free access. This is finally done. And the technical aspects are in the spotlight with a game using vertical overscan screen, many options, quality musics, and the number of chickens appearing on the screen impresses. But that's not enough. The graphics are dull, little varied and incessant slowdowns disrupt the game. Scoring interest is also limited because the hi-score tables don't distinguish the game levels. A novice who has shined at level 1 can outclass a veteran who didn't perform badly at level 8. Unfortunately, if CYBER-CHICKEN has its place here for its technical performance, its graphic poverty and lack of variety will surely discourage you.

Code & SFX : TFM
GFX : MacDeath & TFM
Additional GFX : DevilMarkus
Music : Tom&Jerry
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by DEVILMARKUS

Bruce Charcoal accidentally invoked a horde of demons in our dimension. You'll have to guide him to retrieve the twelve pages of the book of spells scattered in a gloomy house but also the lair of the monsters to ban them in this game inspired by the fantasy movie Evil Dead 2 from Sam RAIMI.

Get back to the 3D universe of the Freescape engine that made possible several quality games such as DRILLER or CASTLE MASTER is a real pleasure. Despite the lack of music and sounds, and despite the extreme slowness of animation that is straining the 4Mhz Z80, it is fun to walk the halls, climb obstacles and gun down the monsters that arise. Modeling is effective with a good game durability. However, the lack of a save option is penalizing. A compass would also have been welcome. But it is a pleasure to get back into a pioneer era that reminds us that we marveled with a handful of untextured polygons, and we really want to progress to see the end of this adventure.

Developer : Malcolm Kirk
CPC version : Miguelsky

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by MALCOLM KIRK

After a classic but effective STAR SABRE, Paul KOOISTRA continues to exerce himself in shmup style with a completely different challenge. No more scrolling and hordes of vessels that charge over you. Also finished the levels that follow. DEAD ON TIME offers a nervous multidirectional scrolling centered on your vessel. This frenzy highlights a more viceral than just another challenge to rescue the galaxy, nothing less than your survival! You choose between a classical survival mode or a limited play time mode in which the objective is to make the maximum score.

This is a good exercise in style. Simple but effective graphics, catchy music, smooth scrolling, the screen size is ideal and give a maximum visibility since you will have no respite. You must destroy waves of enemy ships to retrieve color capsules offering protection and armament but also precious seconds in survival mode. A points multiplier is also present. A breathless title for scoring lovers! Thank you to Paul KOOISTRA who improved the filesystem of his game for Homebrew.AT so that it can be duplicated without any problem on a real CPC!

Code & GFX : Paul Kooistra
Music & SFX : Julien Nevo
Add. GFX : Sylvestre Campin
DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by MATTHEW VAN ROOIJEN

DÉMINEUR, known as MINESWEEPER in English, uses a proven game concept and there are video games taking the idea since the early 80s, like MINED-OUT from Quicksilva published in 1983 on ZX Spectrum. Contrary to popular belief, it is not Microsoft that invented the game concept, even if it is undeniable that this is its version released for free with Windows for over 20 years which popularized it.

In this CPC version, of course you have to locate mines and mark their location while discovering the non-trapped squares thanks to the clues they reveal. The design is as austere as the Microsoft game. A nice music can be heard while playing but you will cut it quickly because if it is not unpleasant, it does not stick to the reflection mood imposed by the game. There are no options, but the game remains effective even if we would have appreciated the opportunity to reveal with a key all the unmarked boxes that surround another one or to discover the location of mines on the board in case of failure. It is nevertheless delighted to play MINESWEEPER on CPC.

Développeur : GPA
Code, music & GFX : Tom&Jerry

DOWNLOAD : Game - Cover
Original cover-artwork and picture by IXIAN FACTORY